Cruising is one of the safest methods of transportation available today with a tiny number of casualties or incidents. Despite being one of the safest modes of transport and one of the most luxurious, there are still various elements that pose a threat to the safety of passengers onboard.

Participate in the muster drills.

These may seem like a waste of your perfectly planned vacation time, but taking part in a muster drill imbibes you with crucial information for responses in cases of emergencies. You will learn essentials like how to don a life jacket, different alarms and their meaning that can be life- saving during emergencies.

Pay attention to those announcements.

While most of the announcements bring you up to date with the weather and activities for the following day, some decisions do share critical information. If the report is directly sounded into your cabin, understand that it is essential or there is an emergency.

Take care when moving around!

A vessel at sea is in constant motion, and not just forward or rearward, a ship at sea moves in six degrees motion, yes! That’s right, six. Heave, sway, roll, pitch, yaw and surge the six different movements of a ship. Make sure to use the handrails on those staircases or when moving about the boat. Unwanted tumblers are one of the primary reasons for injuries to passengers.

Leave the pitcher at bay.

Throwing items overboard is not only dangerous for the environment, but these items can potentially make it back to other decks down below, causing harm to unsuspecting passengers. Cigarette butts that are still lit can cause a fire if thrown overboard by making it back to a different deck.

Book through an agent.

An agent has the inside knowledge of the best deals on any cruise. Depending upon your requirement, a right agent can bundle up a package that’s just for you with all the activities and leisure that you need. You can choose an agent who is good at royal Caribbean promotion and make it easy for yourself and enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

Restricted areas.

Do not go dwelling in these areas as they are not meant for you. These are areas hiding potential risks for unwary passengers. Even if you are invited remember that it could end badly resulting in dismissal of the crew and deboarding at the nearest port for you.

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